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Sales: (866) 308-0567    Service: (888) 899-1238

Southern California Volkswagen Service for San Diego Drivers

Are you a Southern California Volkswagen owner looking for service in the San Diego area? If so, stop your search with City Volkswagen in San Diego, where VW service for Southern California drivers is our specialty. At City Volkswagen you won’t only find what you need, but we have a certified staff to help with the installation that will get you back on the road in no time. For all of your Southern California Volkswagen service needs, come to City Volkswagen in San Diego today!

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Our reputation has taken years to earn, but we recognize that it could be lost in minutes. These are words we live by in our service and parts departments. You probably purchase a vehicle every few years, but you service that vehicle several times each year. We understand that leaving your vehicle with us for service is an incredible inconvenience, so we work very hard to see that it is done quickly, and repaired completely. We employ only the finest factory-trained technicians available, with the latest in diagnostic equipment and tools. Our philosophy is that training and experience assumes we get it right the first time.

Service Department
(888) 899-1238

For an appointment call (888) 899-1238 or click here.

We have a local shuttle service to take you where you need to be when we work on your car. 100% of our Volkswagen Technicians are ASE Certified. We offer "early bird" and "late night" drop off. Ask for details when you call to make an appointment.

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  • Service (888) 899-1238
    • Shane Dehner Photo
      Shane Dehner
      Service Manager
      Phone : 619.275.7708
    • Tyler  Cox Photo
      Tyler  Cox
      Body Shop Manager
    • Don Thomas Photo
      Don Thomas
      Master Service Consultant
      Phone : 619.276.6171 X 1350
    • Jack Daniels Photo
      Jack Daniels
      Master Service Consultant
      Phone : 619.275.7704
    • Doron  Pomeranetz Photo
      Doron  Pomeranetz
      Master Service Consultant
      Phone : 619.276.6171 x1209
    • Sean Praefke Photo
      Sean Praefke
      Service Consultant
      Phone : 619.276.6171 x1309
    • Emma Lam Photo
      Emma Lam
      Service Concierge / VW Upgrade Program Coordinator
      Phone : 619.276.6171 x1162
    • Bill Henderson Photo
      Bill Henderson
      Lube Express Concierge
      Phone : 619.276.6171 X 1333
    • Eddie F Photo
      Eddie F
      Appointment Coordinator
    • Carey B Photo
      Carey B
      Master Technician
    • Chris D Photo
      Chris D
      Master Technician
    • Chris O Photo
      Chris O
      Master Technician
    • Jason M Photo
      Jason M
      Master Technician
    • Andy L Photo
      Andy L
    • Andy W Photo
      Andy W
    • Angel G Photo
      Angel G
    • Dave L Photo
      Dave L
    • Tom S Photo
      Tom S
    • Victor A Photo
      Victor A
    • Erasmo R Photo
      Erasmo R
      Apprentice Technician
    • Manny V Photo
      Manny V
      Apprentice Technician
    • Anthony D Photo
      Anthony D
      Lube Express Technician
    • Gilbert H Photo
      Gilbert H
      Lube Express Technician
    • Tony A Photo
      Tony A
      Lube Express Technician
    • Ubaldo G Photo
      Ubaldo G
      Lube Express Technician
  • Parts (866) 308-0567